Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Censored Telephone Transcript By Mad Missouri

(Welcome Mad Missouri )

Censored telephone transcript from the Office of the Democrat National Committee Chairman Robert E. Hannegan to the White House on
June 21st,1946
08:47 Hours

:REH: Harry?
REH: Fine, thank you. How is Bess doing?
REH: I understand. Yes I’m leaving this afternoon for Saint Louis for a week. Let me be frank we have a real problem. Mid-terms are coming up fast, and if the war keeps going this way we are going to take a beating.
REH: How bad? If we don’t do something quick it’s looking like both houses by even larger numbers than we spoke about earlier. Hell Harry, I’m not sure we can even keep your old seat. Yes, Franks doing the best he can, but that’s why I’m going to Saint Louis.
REH: Yes, I understand the military issues. But the papers are burying the party on the whole red spy issue. And we can do something about that.
EH: Yes, I understand. Of course, but he is not getting the job done. Hoover is only interested in promoting himself. And I’m not willing to risk all the progress we’ve made since 32’ because of Hoover’s ego.
REH: Yes, I’ve spoken with the leadership. They agree with me that we need to be seen as being on top of this.
REH: Our proposal? Bring back Donovan, let him try. Harry, of course not. No, no, that’s not what I’m saying. Please hear me out. No, not under the OSS name, but under that “Central Intelligence Group” you formed in January. Even Byrnes is willing to support this. The leadership is willing to push this through quickly.
REH: Harry, think about it, please. If he’s successful you and the party get the credit, if he fails we lay the blame at feet of the Republicans. Yes, alright, I understand. Thank you. Good bye.

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